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Application of cold shrink technology
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Application of cold shrink technology

The material used in the well-known heat-shrink technique is artificially expanded plastic tubing. When exposed to high temperature, the tube shrinks, insulating the cable splice or termination from water, dust, and other debris. Cold shrink technology provides similar functionality to heat shrink technology for a wide range of applications, but does not require a heat source for installation.

Cold shrink technology has many applications, such as power systems and electrical installations, when it is necessary to insulate wires, connections, splices or terminals. Electrical installers can slide the expanding cold shrink tubing over the cable they are working on and then connect or terminate it as needed.

The cold shrink technology provide a high quality layer of protection for pipe and cable sheathing, cold shrink technology can be deployed in onshore, offshore, indoor and outdoor environments. The cold shrink technology is optimized for field use and can withstand environmental conditions such as UV light, pollution and chemicals, and salt spray.

Cold shrink tube is designed to cover a wide range of cables and conductor types. Additionally, it can accommodate mechanical, compression lugs and connectors. It is ideal for applications where heat or flames are prohibited due to the presence of flammable gases in the atmosphere, such as oil and gas operations, but this is not the only application for this technology. Cold shrink technology is ideal for industrial applications where installation space is limited.

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