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Some FAQ of VOLSUN cold shrink tube
Time: 2023-02-18 09:23:24     Copyfrom: SuZhou Volsun Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.

As a leading and professional manufacturer of cold shrink tube, Volsun have keeping R&D, manufacture and sales for over 17 years. Our cold shrink tube had been exported to 88 countries and areas and approved by famous telecom company in the world.

How well do you know about cold shrink tube?

Cold Shrink Tube is a rubber tube that can shrink down 4-5 times smaller than its original size. Unlike heat shrink it does not require any type of heat in order to shrink in size, which is what called it the name “cold shrink.” If you’re familiar with heat shrink don’t let the “cold shrink” name confuse you.  Heat shrink requires heat to shrink but cold shrink does not require cold to shrink. The term “cold” is simply used to reference that no heat is required.
Cold Shrink is typically made of two types of rubber: EPDM or Silicone. You can easily find cold shrink manufactured from both materials and they both have their advantage and features. EPDM tends to be more wear resistant and capable of taking a beating, making it ideal for when the cold shrink is likely to be in contact with other materials, like inside machinery for example. Silicone on the other hand will shrink down to a much smaller and tighter size than EPDM, and is ideal for applications like cell tower weatherproof and sealing. 

Also, we can produce special size and design for special applications. So please feel free to contact with us if any need via

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