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The application of power line cover
Time: 2022-12-22 08:54:34     Copyfrom: SuZhou Volsun Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.

In a place with lush branches, if there is an overhead line passing by, when the branches or branches accidentally fall on the wire, it may cause a short circuit of the overhead line, it will  cause a power outage. The overhead line cover can solve this problem very well.When the overhead line cover is locked to the branch or the position where the branch is easy to fall onto the wire, this section of the line will be well protected. Insulation protection, so as to avoid the occurrence of short circuit accidents.

The overhead line cover  is used in the overhead lines of the railway system to improve its insulation performance, prevent the occurrence of short-circuit accidents and effectively protect the insulation protection problems of overhead bare wires and power transmission busbars.

Due to the design reasons of the electric railway or after a period of operation, the insulation performance of the transmission post insulators will deteriorate, which will bring some safety hazards to the safety of the railway operation. Therefore, it is necessary to install some necessary insulation protection devices at the insulators. The overhead line cover are perfectly suited to their needs.

The overhead line cover adopts a unique radiation cross-linked material, which has excellent weather resistance and insulation performance. The buckle-type design is safe and reliable, and the construction is simple. It is used for emergency maintenance on site and temporary insulation protection of equipment.

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