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Luminous cold shrink tube,have you seen before?
Time: 2022-11-05 14:29:51     Copyfrom: SuZhou Volsun Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.

Last month our customer put forward a new demand - hoping that the cold shrink tube can be highly recognizable in a dark environment, so that it is convenient for engineering personnel to repair at night and avoid accidental damage. In response to the above needs, our R&D team immediately started research. After a month, VOLSUN finally developed a cold shrinkable tube with luminous characteristics! Come and take a look at our luminous cold shrink tube! The function of this cold shrinkable tube is to emit fluorescence in the dark night, which is easy to identify and convenient for engineers to work. The specifications and models of VOLSUN cold shrink tubes range from the smallest ID13mm to ID150mm.And the length range from 20mm to 1000mm. The span is very large, which fully demonstrates our superior ability in the production technology and process of cold shrink tube. If you need to know more about the use of our cold shrink tubing or the installation video of our cold shrink tubing, you are welcome to contact our sales consultant or browse the corresponding introduction on the website.

What material is this cold shrink tube made of? The principle of the luminescent cold shrink tube is to store the natural light and daylight light irradiated on the surface of the luminous cold shrink tube as light energy without affecting the original performance. When in a dark environment, it can fluoresce, so it is highly recognizable at night. Its core technology is the use of a new type of photo-induced energy storage luminous powder - rare earth aluminate long afterglow luminous powder, which has the advantages of high luminous brightness and strong continuous luminous ability, and can continue to emit light. It has no radiation, safety and environmental protection. The advent of new products of luminescent cold shrinkable tubes has successfully helped our VIP telecommunication customers solve a difficult problem, and also gained us a lot of trust and continuous orders for cold shrink tube.

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Luminous cold shrink tube,have you seen before?

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