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The voltage types of VOLSUN heat shrink sleeve
Time: 2019-02-17 20:49:16     Copyfrom: SuZhou Volsun Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.

One of the main function of heat shrink tube is insulation and protection. How many voltage types of heat shrink tube?

The common voltage type of heat shrink tube include 300V, 600V, 1KV, 10KV, 35KV, etc.  But do you know which products correspond to which voltage type?

Let's introduce the voltage in the electronics power system. The standard voltage of household power supply is 220V AC and the industry power is 380V. The power system voltage level include 220/380V (0.4 kV), 3 kV, 6 kV, 10 kV, 20 kV, 35 kV, 66 kV, 110 kV. 220 kV, 330 kV, 500 kV.

The common single wall and dual wall heat shrink sleeve is widely used for household power system.   

The voltage type of medium and low voltage power supply system are mainly 10KV and 35KV. The transmission and distribution system is mainly above 110 kV, while the high voltage distribution network generally does not use heat shrinkable sleeve for protection.

It can be seen that the general heat shrinkable sleeve are for the insulation amd protection of general household appliances and automobile lines,while the protection for medium voltage cable such as substations, switch cabinets and electrical cabinets used 1KV sleeve or more.

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