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Some technical points of heat shrink tube
Time: 2018-11-10 11:36:58     Copyfrom: SuZhou Volsun Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.

We have discussed two technical points of heat shrink tube(Inner diamter and Wall thickness) before,today we will introduce another 5 important factors for you.

1. Shrink Ratio
Only shrinking things will have this parameter, and for heat shrink tube ,the shrink Ratio is sometimes called Heat Shrink Ratio. The Shrink Ratio is the ratio of inner diameter before shrink to inner diameter after shrink at normal temperature. For example, at normal temperature the inner diameter before shrink is Φ6, the inner diameter after heat shrinkage is Φ3, that is to say 6/3=2/1,2:1 is the shrink ratio of this heat shrink tubing. The shrink ratio reflects the shrinkage capacity of the heat shrink sleeve. The higher the shrink ratio, the finer the heat shrink sleeve shrinks. If the heat shrink tube’s inner diameter is Φ6 before shrinking and Φ2 after shrinking, then its shrink ratio is 6:2, which is 3:1. If the heat shrinkable tube’s inner diameter is Φ6 before shrinking and Φ1.5 after shrinking, then the shrink ratio is 4:1. Common Volsun heat shrinkable tube shrinkage is 2:1, 3:1, and 4:1.
When it comes to shrinkage, we will continue to talk about wall thickness. The heat shrink tube is like a rubber band. If it is stretched, the wall thickness will be thin. After retracting, the wall thickness will be thick. Similarly, after the heat shrink tube shrinks, the wall thickness will also increase. For the heat shrink tube, the more important wall thickness refers to the wall thickness after the heat shrink tube shrinks, because the heat shrink tubing after shrink will play a protective role. What we call heat shrink tube’s shrink ratio is the radial shrink ratio

2. Shrink Temperature
The shrink temperature of volsun heat shrink tube is the temperature at which the heat shrinkable tube has a contraction reaction. We start the heating with the heat shrink tube, and the temperature at which the heat shrink tube starts to react is the shrinkage temperature. Volsun PE heat shrink sleeve starts to shrink at 84 °C.

3. Recovery Temperature
It means the temperature at the end of shrink, it can also be said that the heat shrink tube reaches the temperature of complete shrinkage, The heat shrink sleeve is not like the rubber bands, as long as it is stretched up, and the hands of the rubber bands tend to rebound and return to the original state. Our heat shrinkable tube shrinkage is a gradual process. After heating the heat shrinkable tube to 84 °C, it just has a shrinkage reaction, and cannot completely shrink the heat shrinkable tube. We must continue to heat and heat it. To the final temperature, such as 120 ° C, then it can fully shrink.

4. Working Temperature
This temperature is an important parameter of heat shrink tube. The working temperature is sometimes referred to as the rated temperature, which refers to the temperature at which the sleeve can work normally and continuously. The first two temperatures refer to the temperature at which the heat shrink tube can be contracted and reflected.
For example, we use Φ6 heat shrink tubing, and then heating it by heat gun, the tubing will begin to shrink at 84℃, and then the tubing shrink to Φ5, Φ4 slowly, the tubing will total shrink to Φ3 at 120℃, so it can tightly cover the parts. Then install the part of the heat shrinkable tube on the air conditioner, etc., for normal work.
For example, our normal casing temperature is -55 ° C to 125 ° C, because we know that many times the products will be sold everywhere, some places are relatively cold, some places are hot, then it has a certain scope of application, our Working Temperature parameters indicate that it can be used normally between this temperature, Once the normal use temperature is exceeded, it may not be able to guarantee the life. If it does not work properly, it may not be able to play the role of insulation protection.

5. Color
The standard color of Volsun heat shrinkable tubes are black, transparent, and red, yellow, blue and green. For some special colors you need, we can make it base on a MOQ. And the quantity is different for different size heat shrink tube.
The above seven technical points are the key indicators of our heat shrinkable tube. If we understand these technical points of heat shrink tube, we can quickly solve the problem of application selection.

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