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The Summary of Heat Shrink Bus Bars Sleeve
Time: 2016-08-16 16:39:08     Copyfrom: volsun

Heat shrink bus bars sleeve is a new material which made of the most high end durable polyolefin through high temperature extrusion and irradiation process. It’s features including high temperature and low temperature resistant, excellent electrical performance, insulation closer and less vulnerability, monitoring methods are very simple. It’s usually by way of high temperature heat shrinkable, plastic-clad on the bare bus bars, achieve the goal of a charged body insulated.




If there is a short circuit or lightning accidents, heat shrink bus bars sleeve will protect the substation transformer main bridges so that it will not be subjected to high pressure and a huge mount of calories burned. Currently, insulated heat shrink material is widely used in oil field, power system transformers, surge arresters, engine, outdoor switches and related equipment.


Traditional insulation requirements are not high, such as the initial use of cotton, silk, mica, but this type of insulation material if used too long or meet high temperature, it will led to loss of insulation, animal lap short circuits occurs which lead accidents happens, so the traditional insulating materials have not been able to meet the maintenance of oilfield power systems.


In order to overcome these flaws of the material, according to modern production need, experts developed the insulating polyolefin heat shrink tube. The emergence of this material, brought great change to modern production. Currently more than 30 countries in the world have this high-tech tubes, for the modernize oil production, its electric power system security also could greatly improved. 

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