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Why choose Volsun’s Non-slip heat shrink sleeve?
Time: 2016-08-08 13:20:07     Copyfrom: volsun

Our hands always sweat when you playing badminton, using clubs and hummers. Do you want to make your family handles skid proof? Like knife, badminton handles, club, hummer and so on.

Our Volsun’s Non-slip heat shrink sleeve will be your best choice!

Let’s just see some application pictures of our sleeve first.

To protect Fishing rod handles, you can see the pictures show.




To protect knife handles, badminton handles. You can see with our Non-slip heat shrink sleeve, the tool looks more beautiful. But the most important thing is Non-slip, which is protecting our hands.




We can make standard single colors, like Black, red, green, blue and yellow. Also our company develops new multi-colors. Red & Black, Red& yellow and Black& Blue etc…

Any interests please do not hesitant to contact Volsun sales team. 

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