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Five years on foreign trade Review
Time: 2018-06-13 09:20:36     Copyfrom: SuZhou Volsun Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.

     Time flies, till May. 2018, it is five years since we began our foreign trade business. I still clearly remember the first foreign customer whom was come from Ukraine, he bought medium-heavy wall heat shrink tube from Volsun via a domestic foreign trade enterprise. Although Volsun was founded in the year 2006, but in the beginning we just focus on domestic business during the year 2006-2012.

     As ancient Greek philosopher Sokrates ever said, the unexamined life is not worth living. In order to improve a better performance in the future, I think it is time for us to review our five years on foreign trade. We all know that Investment, export and consumption are the troika for country’s economic growth. In the past three decades, China’s economic was growing fast. The important factor is export, many foreign trade enterprises relied on foreign trade business revenue. After the first deal foreign trade business, we began to open a door to foreign trade business.

     At the first stage (year 2013-2014), we opened Alibaba, made-in-china platform. Upload our main products including heat shrink tube, cold shrink tube, silicone rubber heat shrink tube, and fiberglass tube etc. insulation tube in the show room. We received many enquiries from all over the world, but we found that many of these customers just with small order, to be honest, we felt a little sad. But we believed that must will be have another effective way to gain quality customers. Keep on exploring……   

Volsun’s Alibaba webpage

The second stage (year 2014-2015), we began to cooperate with two partners which offer website building and SEO service for us, besides we tried to produce an official website by our marking sales team. B2B platform and official website SEO these two methods are our develop customers ways. During these period, our foreign trade revenue was increasing smoothly. We sold heat shrink tube, cold shrink tube, silicone heat shrink tube, insulation tube to customers from 43 countries. Every year, over 200 new customers from abroad establish business relationship with Volsun. As we know, insulation application is in everywhere, for electronics, mobile car industry, power industry etc. And our mission is to be your specialist in insulation, sealing and protection solution, then we need to keep on going……

Volsun’s offical website

The third stage (year 2016-2017), we know B2B is a good way to do business, But face to face meeting still is an effective good way. So we began to go abroad to visit customers and attend to some typical exhibitions. For example, we attended the Hannover MESSE in April. As proverb says, seeing is believing, many customers with big orders like to get down to business face to face. We know the eternal unchanging is ever changing. The environment of foreign trade is changing, we need to keep lifelong learning to catch up the pace. We would like to try our effort to let more and more customers to use Volsun insulation tube products and enjoy our service as well.           

Volsun’s Booth at 2018 Hannover MESSE

Five years have gone,  improve a better performance is our task on foreign trade business. We are trying our best to let more customers in the world to know Volsun and help them on insulation solutions. More intrested in our heat shrink tube,cold shrink tube, fiberglass tube products, welcome contact us directly or visit our website at You will get a best cost-effective solution on insulation,sealing and protection.

Joe Lu



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